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We’ve helped you out before with the best pizza places in Sheffield, and now it’s time to think about the best Chinese food Sheffield has to offer. There is a great tradition of good food in the steel city, and Chinese food is a big part of the modern scene.

With a sizeable Chinese student population too, there is plenty of authentic cuisine on offer to satiate the needs of those who call Chinese food home and other students from around the globe who love Chinese food.

With a Chinese student population of around 10,000, the offerings of Chinese cuisine have improved massively in Sheffield in recent years, with a captive audience looking for an authentic taste of home. We’ve put together a list of some of the best Chinese food in Sheffield, especially those that Chinese students in the city are known to frequent regularly, a sign of a good standard in our eyes.

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This is a cash-only establishment that doesn’t take bookings, just so you’re aware before rocking up for a quick bowl of noodles. Noodlesta is close to the Diamond building at the University, which makes it a great place for Chinese food for Sheffield students.

This is a place where you can get a fast and nourishing meal on the go, with a short queue, where you can watch the dough being stretched and thrown into the final noodle shape. It helps to create such an exciting atmosphere and gets the tastebuds tingling in anticipation.

The variety of noodle soup is great, with Lanzhuo-style hand-pulled noodles as authentic as they come, and a warning that the chilli oil on the counter should be added with care, as it is likely to blow your head off!

Miso Ramen

Location : Brook Hill. S3 7HE


Chinatown in Sheffield is one of the best places that you can go for authentic Cantonese dim sum. The perfect location for a dim sum lunch or dinner, with a busy, yet relaxed ambience and an authentic feel from the owners in terms of style, décor, and service.

There’s a great selection of vegetarian dishes to choose from, and simple, delicious flavours, that good Chinese food is great at putting together.

All you need to do is fill out a form to order your dim sum, and after a little wait you’ve got a fantastic meal. The set menu with crispy duck and mixed vegetables is another good option from the menu.


Assortment of Chinese food

Location : 27 London Rd. S2 4LA

China Red

China Red is the best Sheffield restaurant for authentic, sizzling Sichuan cuisine. This truly is the place to go for a genuine taste of the flavours of China.

Whenever you speak to anyone who has visited China, one of the things that most speak of positively is the hot pot experience in restaurants. Hot pot is a dish where a big pot of hot soup stock is placed in the middle of the table and a variety of ingredients are served beside the pot for diners to dunk in.

It is a spectacular, and spicy, way to eat and China Red offers this experience on their menu.It is definitely worth a visit with your friends to drop the food into the hot pot and watch it sizzle. It is a lot of fun! One of the recommended dishes is the poached beef in chilli oil.

Location: Rockingham Gate. S1 4JD

Oriental Taste Cuisine

Another great Chinese food option in Sheffield near the Moor is where locals and Chinese students alike go for some of the best Chinese food at a reasonable price. It serves up north-eastern Chinese food, and the portions are really big and really spicy.

It’s well worth the price. The Mongolian beef dish is one of the favourites on the menu and the ambience and service is top-notch with genuine warmth and good service which is fast and energetic.

This is a great place to go with a group of friends, share some spicy food and some good times. When there is warmth from the staff, it makes for an exciting and satisfying visit.

Mongolian Beef

Location : Matilda Street. S1 4QB


With a great selection of vegetarian dishes, private dining space, and crucially, an all-you-can-eat option, Wongting is one of the most renowned Chinese restaurants Sheffield has to offer. It has a clean and stylish décor and comfortable seating and is a destination for those seeking the best of Cantonese food.

Sichuan and northern-style Chinese dishes are the staples on the menu, and everything is fresh and of the highest quality, with the best available ingredients.

The freshly cooked buffet provides a little bit of everything if you are after some exploration into this cuisine. Come with a big group and you won’t be disappointed, and you won’t leave hungry. Go for the pepper steak in Cantonese style or the squid in black bean sauce.


Chinese Pepper Steak

Location: Matilda Street. S1 4QD

If you’d like to find out more about some of the great food available in the city, including the best spots for breakfast in Sheffield, we’ve got a few guides on offer for you. We hope you like our selection of the best Chinese food Sheffield has for its population to enjoy.

From the spiciest Sichuan food to the everyday noodle broth, there is something for all tastes. Let us know what your own personal favourites are for Chinese food if you live in Sheffield, or your other favourite places to go out for food.

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