The Yummy Guide: 5 Best Places to Eat in Sheffield | [Updated 2022]

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Sheffield is a brilliant place to live as a student. If you are looking at moving into student accommodation in Sheffield, you’ll want to know some of the best places to eat.

There are countless restaurants and cafés in the city, and there is no way we could do the place justice with this one post, but we’ve given it a go.

Here, we look at 5 great places to eat in Sheffield for students. Let us know what you think, and if there is anywhere else you would recommend to others moving to the South Yorkshire city.


1. The Porter Pizza Company

Pizzas are big business these days, but gone are the times of cheap and cheerful pizza, and here to stay is an emphasis on quality ingredients, wood-fired ovens, slow-proved dough, the delicious charred spots around the crisped-up crusts, and some interesting toppings.

You can get a pretty big pizza from just £6.50, with a range of choices – such as the ever-reliable Maggie, the Simply Salami, or the True Blue (Yorkshire blue cheese, ground hazelnuts, caramelised red onions, and mozzarella). They do a really tasty garlic bread too, so be sure to head there early to get a starter to share (or most likely to have to yourself as it is so delicious!).

The simpler the recipe for a pizza, the better the taste, and at Porter’s they have hit the nail on the head with delicious, simple pizzas that are fit for any table.


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Address: 410 Sharrow Vale Rd, Sharrow, Sheffield S11 8ZP

2. Kommune 

Street food markets have become a staple part of the food scene in cities across the country, and in Sheffield Kommune has delivered it really well.

The communal food hall is home to permanent street food vendors, and is Scandi-inspired in its décor and approach to communal eating. Castle House has been completely transformed, and the vast interior has been designed in a way that makes it an inviting and a great place to eat delicious food with friends, or make new friends along the way.

Sheffield independents such as Tamper and Hop Hideout for the coffee and beer respectively. Pom Kitchen offers delicious plant-based dishes, whilst Yori serves up beautiful Korean soul food to nourish the soul. Juicy burgers come from Fat Hippo in Newcastle, and South Indian street food from Chaat Cart.

Expect to pay around £5 per dish, and have a brilliant time sampling everything! This communal approach to eating is here to stay, and Kommune does it really well.


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Address: Castle House, Angel St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S3 8LS

3. Forge Bakehouse

Just out of the city centre Forge Bakehouse is a Sheffield institution, and a place we’d recommend you should head to on a regular basis (if you’ve not been there before, what are you doing?

Get down there immediately!). It is a tasty, tasty bakery, with amazing breads and cakes on offer (including the indulgent Pastel de nata – or Portuguese custard tart!), but it is much more than that.

The modern-design of the space is utilised well, with a first-floor dining room providing a pretty space to eat the hearty soups, savoury tarts, or grilled cheese sandwiches. It doubles up though as a late-night venue for pizza nights and supper clubs, so you can enjoy the venue night and day!

The multi-purpose venue maintains a high level of food and service quality throughout, and you can soon become part of the furniture and part of the community. Forge is located on the Food Mile in Sheffield, which is home to many a tasty treat.


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Address: 302 Abbeydale Rd, Nether Edge, Sheffield S7 1FL

4. Zeugma 

Some of the tastiest Turkish food in Yorkshire, Zeugma on London Road is loved by absolutely everyone who visits it. It is genuinely authentic in its offering of Turkish cuisine, with an open grill cooking up a storm of row upon row of meaty kebabs.

It is also pretty great at delivering on veggie dishes too though, so don’t be put off by the grilled meat that is prevalent with Turkish grill restaurants. In fact, in Sheffield, Zeugma is one of the places to go for vegetarians, as it has made a name for its vegetarian kebab – made up of hummus, halloumi (who doesn’t like a bit of squeaky cheese), rice, mushrooms, and grilled aubergine.

There are also plenty of dishes that have been left to cook on a low heat for a long time, bringing out the juiciest of flavours, it is the perfect place to share food with friends, so we would advise that you get down there early in the evening, pick a big table, order lots of food, and have a great time chatting away and sharing dishes for a few hours.

There are few things more pleasurable when living in Sheffield. If you can’t get in, there is another Zeugma just a little further down the same road.


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Address: 146 London Rd, Highfield, Sheffield S2 4LT

5. Nonnas 

Nonnas has been serving up tasty and authentic Italian home cooking since 1996. In that time it has developed a reputation as one of the favourite places for food in the whole of Sheffield.

It is well-known as somewhere you can go for a hearty meal, eating traditional and comfortable Italian food without paying over the odds for it like you can in so many other Italian restaurants in this day and age.

Most days there is a special offer between the hours of 5pm and 7pm where you can have massive bowls of pasta for just £8 (a particular favourite is the slow-cooked Italian sausage pasta).

There is something delightful about taking on a soul-nourishing bowl of pasta and sampling some of the simple highlights of Italian food. The best Italian food definitely comes from the Nonna’s in the family, and Nonnas in Sheffield lives up to that grand tradition for sure.


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Address: 537-541 Ecclesall Rd, Sharrow, Sheffield S11 8PR

As you can see, there are some quality places to eat in Sheffield. If you are living in Sheffield student accommodation, or planning to move here soon, you’ll want to make a mark on the map to make a trip to the five above. We don’t know about you, but we’re starving now!

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