The BEST Pubs In Egham Close To Straits Garden

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Our Straits Garden student accommodation in Egham is located in the very heart of this lovely leafy Surrey town. 

Catering for students attending Royal Holloway University in the town, this premium student accommodation goes above and beyond what you’d expect from student digs. 

Just a 15-minute walk from the university but also just a few steps from the bustling country-style pubs in the town.  

One of the best things about living at Straits Garden is that you have a whole host of amenities and facilities to use. 

An exclusive cinema room is the perfect in-house escape, a state-of-the-art gym provides you with the means to stay in shape, whilst the social common room is the best place to play games with your mates after coming in from one of the pubs in town. 

So, why not go out for a drink after university, or at the weekend, relax with a pint or two, and then return to finish the night off in the social common room at Straits Garden. It’s a great student life to live.  

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What’s It Like To Live In Egham? 

Egham is quite a small town, very quiet but with a friendly local community that is welcoming to students studying at Royal Holloway University, which is located in Egham. 

Leafy, calm surroundings make it a pleasant place to live, but you are also only 40 minutes away from the bright lights and busy scenes of London on the train (even better, Straits Garden is just a short 4-minute walk from the railway station!). 

Alongside that, there are some great pubs in Egham for you to have a quiet pint in after a hard day of university, to take part in quiz night’s and for a lively night out in town rather than heading into the city at the weekend. 

Let’s take a look at a list of pubs in Egham, close by to Straits Garden! 

Straits Garden

1. The Kings Arms

This lovely Egham pub describes itself as an award-winning Great British Pub, Restaurant and Boutique Inn. 

Named in The Times Top 100 Hotels Best Places to Stay The Kings Arms could be the perfect place for your parents or visitors to get their heads down when visiting you. 

If you’re after a good Sunday roast and classic British pub dishes, you’re in luck. If you want a quiet pint with your mates after uni, there’s a good range of beer, craft ales, gins, and more on the menu. 

Every Sunday they have live acoustic performances throughout the afternoon, and overall, there’s just a really good vibe about the place.  

It’s located just a 4-minute stroll from Straits Garden – yippee! 


Address: 5-6 High St, Egham TW20 9EA 

2. The Red Lion

Sometimes, you just can’t beat an olde English pub. And with The Red Lion there aren’t many older around! 

Serving pints, spirits, and pub grub since 1521, The Red Lion is the quintessential English tavern. 

Refurbished as recently as 2020, the original characteristics of the pub have been maintained but there has been a focus on modernising. 

If you want to watch the match at the weekend, the test cricket, or the boxing, they’ve always got the big sporting events on. 

For those after a bit of peace and quiet there are ‘quiet zones’ in the pub and in the outdoor seating area.  

The best part? It’s literally a 2-minute walk from your student accommodation so you can easily get home after a great night. 



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Address: 52 High Street TW20 9EA 

3. The Crown

Another great pub in Egham on the High Street is The Crown. 

This place serves up tasty food, a great selection of drinks and is a nice place to visit if you’re after a quick pub lunch in the middle of the day, a relaxed pint or two at the end of a hard week, or for a celebration with a group of friends of your visiting family. 

It’s a classic pub with a better than classic food menu. 

Of course, you’ve got the staple burgers, pies, lasagne, but you can also get a delicious slow-roasted lamb shank or devour their grilled chicken and chorizo skewers as a starter. 

If things weren’t already off to a good start, you can get back home to your student flat in just 1-minute – go take a visit! 



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Address: 38 High Street TW20 9DP 

4. The Beehive

The Beehive is a little further afield being a 15-minute walk away from your student home, but it’s a quaint, old-fashioned country pub that is full of character and some great food on the menu. 

It is the classic Sunday lunch pub, but as a student in the area you’ll be welcome throughout the week (the food menu is on all day from Wednesday to Saturday, with a 12-5pm slot for a Sunday roast). 

You know what to expect if you’re popping in for a pub lunch, the British classics such as a juicy steak and chips, why not try the belly pork? Finish everything off with a sumptuous sticky toffee pudding. 

What makes the Beehive though is the people. 

The staff and the regulars are all very friendly and there is always a really warm and cheery atmosphere in this Egham pub. 



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Address: 34 Middle Hill TW20 0JQ 

5. The Packhorse

Last, but not least, we’ve included the Students’ Union for Royal Holloway University and the pub it runs, The Packhorse

Aside from the other great pubs in Egham, this will be one of your regular haunts as a student here, being just over a 15-minute walk away or a short taxi ride away. 

Because it is run by the students for the students, any surplus is reinvested back into student services. The pub is also open to the general public, serving drinks at student-friendly prices. 

It is also a dog-friendly venue – you can see some cute furry friends! 

As a side note, the students’ union also has a great place for tasty food, Tommy’s Kitchen, serving burgers alongside a full bar and coffee service, downstairs in the Students’ Union Building. 



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Address: Egham Hill, Egham TW20 0BQ

If you’re an international student looking to get a feel for what the Great British pub experience is like, or you’re moving to Egham and want to know what the local pub scene has in store for you, we hope this list has been helpful to you. 

For students already living in Egham at our wonderful Straits Garden complex, what are your favourite Egham pubs from your time there so far? 

We’re always happy to hear what’s hot and what’s not around our student accommodation, let us know @straitsgarden_psl.