The Yummy Guide: Top 10 Places For Food In Egham

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Feeling hungry and after a nice cosy lunch in Egham with your friends? We’ve got all the hot spots in this blog!

A lunch out with your university friends gives you the perfect excuse to wind down and relax after a busy day studying.

Luckily for students, the picturesque town of Egham is filled with lots of cute places for food, so let’s take a look at the top 10.

We hope you’re feeling hungry!

1.  The Kings Arms

5-6 High St, Egham TW20 9EA

This yummy British gastropub is super popular in Egham for locals and visitors, offering fabulous pub grub.

Their house brasserie has a great vibe, perfect for a nice bit of brunch or a quick lunch with your mates.

Highlights from the menu include the Grosvenor collection burger with chilli mayo and skin-on fries, and the hot smoked salmon salad.

They also have some amazing 12” pizzas, the Edward VI pizza comes with garlic butter, sautéed mushrooms, shaved parmesan, and mozzarella – wow!

The best part about this place? Their pizzas are super unique, they have some amazing toppings.

2. Curry & A Pint

40 Station Rd, Egham TW20 9LF

A curry & a pint! What more could you want eh?

They also offer a takeaway service if you fancy staying in your luxury accommodation for the evening for a nice treat.

This is one of the places for food in Egham that are known for their curries bursting with flavour (and generous portions too.)

On the menu they have various vegetarian, seafood and meat appetisers as well as an incredible mixture of mains.

We’d recommend butter chicken and prawn curry, and their tandoori rolls are super scrumptious too.

3. Prezzo Italian

2 Egham Hill, Egham TW20 0AY

Who doesn’t love a cheeky Italian lunch? If you’re after places for food in Egham – this place deffo makes the cut.

Prezzo is known for their awesome lunch deals and delicious food to match, perfect for a busy student.

Their pizetta and pasta dishes are highlights on the lunch menu, with oven-baked meals and risotto too!

The best part about Prezzo is their sheer range of options, even for a lunch menu they’re absolutely smashing it.

FYI – the Italian hummus as a starter is delicious, a must-have when visiting Prezzo.

4. #LoveLunch

176 High St, Egham TW20 9EJ

For cosy vibes, #LoveLunch serves up some delicious sandwiches, salads, and damn good coffee.

It’s a fab place to grab lunch when you’re on the go, and their baguettes are always full to the brim with filling!

The chicken satay sandwich consistently gets 10/10 reviews, so be sure to give that a try if you end up visiting.

5. The Beehive

34 Middle Hill, Englefield Green, Egham TW20 0JQ

Some would say that The Beehive is “buzzing” with character – see what we did there?

This classic cosy pub in Egham is perfect for a Sunday lunch, or a mid-week treat with your mates!

Offering all-day dining Wednesday to Saturday, followed by a cheeky Sunday roast 12-5pm, you’re spoilt for choice with options.

If you’re passing by Royal Holloway, be sure to pop in for a quick meal whether it’s a juicy steak, some crispy belly pork or a sticky toffee pudding.

The atmosphere here is the best part though, with friendly faces and a great vibe to match.

6. Caffe Gondola

168 High St, Egham TW20 9HP

With only the best ingredients, Caffe Condola in Egham is a hotspot for food you need to go to.

They have some amazing wood-fired pizzas and pasta dishes bursting with flavour, and plenty of antipasti sharing options.

Our favourite meal? The Risotto Al Funghi Porcini with strips of chicken, wild mushrooms, and truffle oil.

Their homemade Italian cooking with fresh ingredients is enough to make anybody drool, and we’re so here for it.

7. The Cups

80 High St, Egham TW20 9HE

Rated as “the best place to eat in Egham” is The Cups, offering great value lunch and generous portions.

This restaurant serves up Korean and Japanese cuisine with rice, noodles, and a wide variety of different toppings.

If you’re a fan of sushi, you’re in luck! The Cups have some deliciously fresh sushi on their menu too – yummy.

Choose between a cupbap (Korean & Japanese BBQ served in a cup) or a bimibap (served with various seasoned vegetables.)

8. Cheeky Chicken And Grill

198 High St, Egham TW20 9ED

You can’t resist a bit of chicken for some food in Egham – right?

Whether it’s burgers, wraps, salads or of course, fried chicken, this place has got it all!

Granted, this place isn’t exactly a restaurant, but it’s a great choice for some food in Egham after a night or a quick meal after a busy day.

Check them out on Just Eat here, and prepare to drool!

9. Eat Thai Restaurant

67 High St, Egham TW20 9EY

Fancy some Thai food in an intimate venue in Egham? Then you need to visit Eat Thai restaurant with your buddies.

This place is constantly bagging top reviews from locals and visitors because of their top-quality ingredients!

Their two-course lunch for £7.95 is an absolute bargain, and everything is freshly cooked which is even better.

Enjoy a delicious Thai curry and wash it down with a nice cold Singha beer for the ultimate flavour experience!

10. Crown Egham

38 High St, Egham TW20 9DP


Based on Egham High Street is Crown Egham, a classic pub serving up some classic dishes.

We have to say, the menu is incredible and offers a really different spin on classic pub food – hooray!

To start, why not try their lobster & seafood cocktail or the grilled chicken and chorizo skewers?

Home comforts include seafood pie, slow-cooked roast lamb shank and of course…lasagne.

They also have a grill offering yummy steaks and a range of tantalizing burgers!

We hope you found these recommendations for food in Egham useful, you really are in the best place for moreish meals and great value grub. International students, if you’re wondering how to settle into the UK after you’ve moved, check out our blog here for some top tips. Don’t worry! You got this.